Drug Detox Centers in Huntington, WV

Huntington experiences an estimated 26 overdoses daily. This West Virginia city is not alone; rampant drug use is flooding the state, and local governing bodies are standing up and taking notice. News network CNN recently ran a report on the issues that Huntington is facing and highlighted the non-discriminatory qualities of heroin, affecting people of all sexes, colors, and creeds. This article examines drug detox centers in Huntington and the importance of entering addiction treatment in Huntington.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the act of removing drug and alcohol substances from the body. The side effects that emerge from detox are collectively known as withdrawal. The process of withdrawal should take place to a specialist center for drug detox, as the symptoms can be both unpleasant and dangerous. Drug detox centers in Huntington are available in most rehabilitation centers.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox

The withdrawal symptoms linked to drug detox are extensive, and their severity is often contingent on the depth of the addiction. Some of the symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

  • Depression
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Poor memory
  • Confused thoughts
  • Increased cravings
  • Anxiety
  • Violent behavior
  • Hallucinations
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Delusions

Some of the symptoms that emerge can progress to other symptoms. Examples are anxiety leading to aggression or suicidal thoughts. It is highly important that an addicted person receives support for these symptoms in a specialist unit, for the protection of both the dependent themselves and others.

Scarily there are some substances, including opiates and alcohol, that can cause death during the withdrawal process. Alcohol withdrawal, for example, can cause life-threatening conditions such as Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. Some symptoms of this syndrome include delirium tremens (DTs) and rapid heart rate. Delirium Tremens manifests itself as a collection of characteristics including confusion and fever.

There is an estimated death rate from DTs of about one to five percent the potential risks associated with alcohol withdrawal are brain damage and palpitations. According to Dr. Robert Schwartz, chairman of family medicine at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, a sudden stop in alcohol intake after persistent drinking can cause severe seizures. The reasoning for this, he cites, is that while is toxic, the body of an alcoholic has accustomed to the new toxic environment so sudden easement is highly dangerous as it puts the whole system into shock.

With all of this in mind, it is increasingly apparent as to why obtaining help for detox in drug and alcohol detox centers is imperative. Drug detox centers in Huntington are available, with a combination of both inpatient and outpatient drug detox programs in abundance.

Why Should I enter a Drug Detox Center?

Aside from the danger associated with withdrawal playing a large factor in the need for specialist drug treatment facilities, there are other reasons why an addict should enter drug detox centers in Huntington. Here are a couple of fundamental reasons --


Undertaking withdrawal alone is not advised as it not successful. A person that is dealing with addiction faces much more than their physical attachment to the substance. There are background reasons including social, environmental and emotional factors that may be driving the addiction, and it is important that they are addressed. Without external support in the form of medical assistance, this psychological side of dependency healing is unlikely to take place and where the patient is at risk of a relapse. In the safety of drug detox centers in Huntington, patients are more likely to succeed.

Pain Relief

Withdrawal is painful; there is no doubt about it. Highly trained medical professionals can prescribe appropriate pain relief within the parameters of a detox center, thus easing the suffering of the patient. Without access to such pain relief, they are again at risk of giving up on their detox and falling back into old habits.


Although it is not a pleasant place to be, drug detox for Addiction offers a user some level of respite. In the safety of a comfortable facility, the sufferer can get some peace and stress relief, knowing that they are getting help and are not alone.

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