Alcohol Rehabs in Huntington, WV

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in America according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Over 17 million people in America suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction; that's a whopping one in every twelfth person. The reaction to this rapidly growing problem is the emergence of an abundance of alcohol addiction facilities across the country. Alcohol rehabs in Huntington, West Virginia is in plentiful supply, attributed to the high opiate abuse in the area.

Why alcohol rehabilitation in a state with a high presence of heroin addiction? The reasoning is due to the incredibly high prevalence of multiple substance cases of abuse. The support service industry has reacted to the high substance abuse services by establishing not only drug detox facilities but also alcohol rehabs in Huntington.

Alcohol Addiction and the Dangers of Alcohol

Alcohol addiction differs from alcohol abuse, with many people failing to understand the difference between the two. Alcohol abuse is often the first step in the journey that leads to addiction, with the consistent and excessive drinking becoming a psychological and physical need. Alcohol abuse, as well as drug abuse in Huntington, is essentially the consumption of alcohol (or drugs) in such a manner, that it causes negative physical, social and emotional impacts. An example of alcohol abuse is where a person decides to go out after a long week of work and let their hair down. They consume so much alcohol that they become violent, sick or act in a promiscuous manner.

While such activity could potentially happen to anyone who drinks too much, those that are abusing alcohol may continue with this path of self-destruction, without recognizing the damage. For example, after the scenario above, they may wake the next day and continue to drink to "cure" themselves. It is this persistent pattern of drinking that can cause a person to descend into alcoholism; a disease that gains prevalence when a person's brain chemistry is altered due to the relentless abuse of alcohol.

Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Rehabs in Huntington

It only takes one visit to alcohol rehabs in Huntington to see some of the dangers of alcohol. Aside from the physiological effects that can emerge such as depression and anxiety, there is a myriad of other very unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening chronic diseases because of alcohol addiction. Examples include liver disease, cancer, and organ failure.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 88,000 deaths per year due to excessive alcohol intake. Given the actual risk of death from alcohol addiction, the reasons for entering alcohol addiction rehabs becomes much easier to understand.

There are some fantastic options for alcohol rehabs in Huntington. Alcohol addiction facilities range widely depending on a patients budget, with more expensive centers comparable to luxury hotels. An addicted person shouldn't place too much weight on more expensive options, as bells and whistles aside, they will still receive the same addiction treatment in Huntington even if on a lower budget.

Money aside, there are many other reasons why an alcohol might demonstrate a reluctance to enter rehabilitation. These include denial of their problem, guilt over leaving family or worry about losing their job and reputation. What these addicts don't realize is that without medical and specialist intervention, they stand little chance of beating their affliction on their own.

Furthermore, it is actually incredibly dangerous to attempt to undertake alcohol withdrawal without medical intervention, as the withdrawal side effects can be life-threatening. It is worth examining options available in the form of drug and alcohol recovery as a first step, even if a patient is reluctant to enter a rehab. This first step is often enough to reduce their anxiety somewhat and encourage them to continue to investigate options.

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