Dual Diagnosis in Huntington, WV

West Virginia State has been hitting the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Heroin use is rampant in the area, with 26 people overdosing in one day in a West Virginia city. The decline of the coal industry in the area over the years has hit the economy hard, with joblessness causing the emergence of addiction issues. What is the link between unemployment and addiction issues? It is not as clear-cut as suffering the trauma of a job loss and moving straight onto substance abuse as a means of coping. The issue is the risk of development of mental health problems that acts as a conduit between trauma (job loss) and addiction. The presence of both addiction and mental health issues in conjunction with each other is called Dual Diagnosis. In this article, we will examine dual diagnosis in Huntington, a large city in Cabell County, West Virginia.

Dual Diagnosis

The dual diagnosis has been touched on above as being the appearance of addiction and mental illness in a person at the same time. The addiction treatment in Huntington for dual diagnosis is incredibly difficult to implement, due to the ambiguity around which health issue has come first; mental health problem or addiction? First identified in the 1980s, dual diagnosis for addiction is still comparable to the chicken and egg theory; which has come first.

Ascertaining the prominent issue is important as this will likely to be the problem that requires more aggressive treatment. The problem with dual diagnosis is that the scope of symptoms is so broad, and in some cases, overlap. Depression, for example, is a very significant side effect of addiction, yet how do we decipher if depression has emerged because of drug taking and as such is symptomatic? Or is it a case that the user is depressed (perhaps not themselves being aware of the fact) and as a result has succumbed to the chokehold of addiction.

Types of Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health is a field that is thankfully now getting the exposure that it deserves. Depression is gaining acceptance globally, but unfortunately, there is still quite a lot of stigma attached to mental issues perceived as the plight of crazy people" or "nut jobs." Examples of more stigmatized illnesses such as these include:

  • Bipolar
  • Psychosis
  • Delusion
  • Schizophrenia

Mental health disorders such as these are often contributing to dual diagnosis in Huntington. Often the abuse of substances adds to aggravate the mental health issues, making their symptoms and side effects much more difficult for the user to tackle. The trouble with dual diagnosis in Huntington is the presence of facilities that can adequately address the issues. Luckily with the increasing number of drug users, the support service industry has reacted with the creation of more dual diagnosis programs.

Why Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Necessary?

Given the overwhelming scourge of drug addiction in West Virginia, treatment facilities for dual diagnosis in Huntington is essential. If a patient suspect that they are suffering from both substance abuse and mental health problems, it is vital to treat both. By only treating either one, the complimenting problem is never addressed, thus putting the person at risk of relapsing be it back into addiction or mental health issues)

Due to this, the availability of dual diagnosis rehabs n Huntington is something to celebrate. Facilities such as those in Huntington have detox services combined with psychological therapies. Faith-based programs such as the 12 steps are helpful in encouraging a patient to seek forgiveness from a higher power and resolve themselves of their guilt, and to an extent responsibility.

This type of treatment is dominant for dual diagnosis sufferers that have a strong spiritual connection. For those that don't, talk therapies such as counseling can be helpful. Cognitive behavior that is the treatment involved with identifying one's damaging thought processes and turning them on their head is beneficial also. Treating the mental health problems of a dual diagnosis sufferer is so important as healing the mind is helpful in ensuring that the patient builds self-motivating skills to build back their life. Finding the source of their mental health trauma and curing it can ultimately give a person back their power to live their best life.

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